What is a Technology Architect?

A technology architect helps design, build and deploy technology solutions - managing the planning process, acquiring, building and aligning your IT resources.

They help you make informed decisions to ensure your investment is the right fit for your organization. 

We can help you

  • Identify your current technology needs
  • Choose and deploy the right technology strategies 
  • Prevent future issues by building it right the first time

  • Improve the end-user experience and your internal digital framework

What we do


Look at existing and desired infrastructure and understand what you want from technology both short and long term. Meet with stakeholders to determine the requirements of the project.


Provide a customized plan and approach on how to move forward. 


Coordinate with general contractors, vendors, and service providers to ensure the project meets your expectations and drive the project to completion. 


Create and document a step-by-step plan and strategy that will help you with a smooth and effective transition. 


Provide the documentation and training necessary for managing your technology needs moving forward. 

With UTG’s guidance, we successfully built a technology infrastructure that meets our current needs while preparing us for future growth.
— Jen M., YIS Capital