Total Wireless Management

How it Works

First we conduct an assessment of current costs and services and then make specific recommendations for your business based on our findings. We then work with you to implement solutions for proactively reviewing monthly invoices, managing service providers, negotiating contracts, making additions, moves or changes and creating a company wireless policy. 

Your total wireless assessment provides:

  • A detailed inventory of all wireless services so you can ensure you are utilizing the technology available to you and discontinuing the services that are no longer applicable, which often results in cost-savings.
  • The financial baseline of what you are currently spending and the areas where you can save money.
  • The information needed to make strategic decisions about future add, move or changes.
  • The ability to identify errors in billing and analyze contracts.
  • The ability to ensure you are leveraging the right technology for your team.
  • The knowledge that you are spending your IT investment wisely and have a system in place to identify any problem areas and cost-saving opportunities. 

Ongoing services include:

Proactive Monthly Wireless Invoice Audits

  • Reduce costs by streamlining products and services
  • Identify fraud and non-business related charges
  • Validate and reduce unnecessary charges for future savings

Service Provider Management

  • Serve as your advocate and represent your needs to service providers
  • Negotiate the best service plans and contracts
  • Ensure providers are maintaining top tier service, support and technology 

Company Wireless Policy Creation and Implementation

  • Reduce monthly expenses
  • Limit corporate liability
  • Eliminate user ambiguity
  • Create end-user, manager and departmental accountability